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 First NamePlyWinSetGamePts
1. Daniel Groll112:012:43
2. Sabine Reeder100:24:121
3. Franz Eigner000:00:00
4. Viet Nguyen000:00:00
5. Antoine Knapen000:00:00
6. Piyush Khosla000:00:00
7. Tamiris Diversi000:00:00
8. Saurabh Rao000:00:00
9. Benoist Guillaume000:00:00
10. Mark Kanak000:00:00
11. Matthew Cranitch000:00:00
12. Julia Victoria000:00:00
13. Stefano 000:00:00
14. Stuart Russell000:00:00
15. Frederik Janicki000:00:00
16. Christoph Schoppe000:00:00
17. Pietro Pavoni000:00:00
18. Philippe Pourreaux000:00:00
19. Kerem Enver Yücel000:00:00
20. Francesco Esposito000:00:00
21. Agustín Kierez000:00:00
22. Till Van Elst000:00:00
23. Enrico Stella000:00:00
24. Kate Whyte000:00:00
25. Gordan Vitevski000:00:00
26. Satoru Niwa000:00:00
27. Daniele Vallotto000:00:00
28. V. Diachenko000:00:00
29. Hannes Schneider000:00:00
30. Samuel Boyd000:00:00
31. Arturo Huhu000:00:00
32. Thomas Howey000:00:00
33. Manuela Mellini000:00:00
34. Dean Verde000:00:00
35. Roxane Pronier000:00:00
36. J. Klein-Altstedde000:00:00
37. Gabriel Heiler000:00:00
38. Kagan Yilmaz000:00:00
39. Gautam Reddi000:00:00
40. Marine Caillaud000:00:00
41. Manuela Schinina000:00:00
42. H. Quezada000:00:00
43. Michael Hasenfratz000:00:00
44. Claudia_1984 000:00:00
45. Sandra Will000:00:00
46. Hassan Javaid000:00:00
47. Simone Vogel000:00:00
48. Gabro Stobbe000:00:00
49. Camilo Vergara000:00:00
50. Maximilian Schürer000:00:00
51. David Lieske000:00:00
52. Lucy Lyons000:00:00
53. Laura Serrano000:00:00
54. Tin Gotovac000:00:00
55. Linda Sauer000:00:00
56. Mats Schade000:00:00
57. Jeremiah Luna000:00:00
58. Simon Goodall000:00:00
59. Paul Laffan000:00:00
60. Raid Hammod000:00:00
61. Jeff Mailey000:00:00

Latest scores

All players
16.10.2019. -
Daniel Groll66
Sabine Reeder13


All players
25.5.2019. - TC Grün-Weiß Baumschulenweg e.V.
Frederik Janicki66
Satoru Niwa31

18.5.2019. - SPOK
Ime1390 Prezime1390746
Sabine Reeder662

9.5.2019. - SPOK
Stuart Russell66
Enrico Stella14


All players
28.4.2019. - TC Grün-Weiß Baumschulenweg e.V.
Tamiris Diversi66
Viet Nguyen10

27.4.2019. - SPOK
Francesco Esposito66
Sabine Reeder44

26.4.2019. - Berliner Brauereien
Frederik Janicki66
Stefano 00

25.4.2019. - Squash-Tennis-Nord
Frederik Janicki66
Piyush Khosla10

25.4.2019. - SPOK
Saurabh Rao76
Ime1390 Prezime139063

All players
24.4.2019. - Berlin Mitte Albert Gutzmann
Christoph Schoppe66
Franz Eigner23

23.4.2019. - TIB 1848 E.V
Agustín Kierez66
Saurabh Rao34

16.4.2019. - TIB 1848 E.V
Saurabh Rao66
Matthew Cranitch31

14.4.2019. - Weiss Rot Neukölln
Antoine Knapen66
Daniel Groll11

13.4.2019. - SPOK
Ime1390 Prezime139066
Sabine Reeder42

9.4.2019. - SPOK
Pietro Pavoni67
Stuart Russell25

9.4.2019. -
Matthew Cranitch66
Sabine Reeder52

8.4.2019. - Weiss Rot Neukölln
Piyush Khosla66
Daniel Groll10

7.4.2019. - Weiss Rot Neukölln
Antoine Knapen66
Stefano 33

7.4.2019. -
Piyush Khosla66
Stefano 14


All players
29.3.2019. -
Mikhail Oparin656
Viet Nguyen373

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What is This?

“Tennis Berlin” brings together players enjoying recreational and competitive league play in a warm & friendly environment. Placed into groups players organize their matches. It's a great opportunity to play against many new people in a ranked format.

What are the Rules?


Each month you’ll play at least 4 matches. Based on your success you will either advance to a higher league, stay in the current one or drop down to a lower one.

Where & When will Matches be Played?


Each player’s contact information is available on their profile.

It's up to you to find a court, set a time, and meet your opponent.
Split the costs at the end of the match and report the score using the form provided.

How to Report a Score?

Scores are reported by filling in this form

Is this a Proven Concept?

Yes. We’re currently running a league in Zagreb, Croatia with more than 200 active players. Feel free to have a look. (Website is in Croatian)



Interested?   Sign Up Now:


If you are interested in joining the league, please fill in the registration form



If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: berlin@tenisliga.com



Published: 15.1.2018. (Danko Greiner)

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